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With nearly 35 years of experience with vinyl composition tile (VCT) floor maintenance, we know what we’re doing. We use only the best equipment, but what makes us different is our technicians. Our reputation for quality precedes us because our expertly trained techs are professional, efficient, and masters of their craft.

We scrub, buff, strip, and refinish VCT, ceramic tile, and hard floors in retail spaces, so if you’re looking for commercial floor cleaning services, look no further than Lyden.

The Lyden Floor Maintenance Process

Retail spaces get dirty and worn out fast. Keep your floors looking brand new by keeping up with floor maintenance. Here’s how we do it:

Machinary for cleaning floors

VCT Floor Cleaning

  1. We first use a broom to sweep edges and high-traffic areas where dust, paper, and scraps are common.
  2. We dust mop your floor and scrape sticky substances like gum and stickers off the floor with a razor edge scraper. If necessary, we apply a solvent to dissolve any leftover residue.
  3. An auto scrubber applies water and cleaner to the floors, squeegees it, and then sucks it up into a machine.
  4. We hand-mop edges to ensure a superior clean before burnishing the floors with the Pioneer Eclipse Burnisher. It polishes your floors and picks up dust.

Typical Results of Lyden CC Strip and Recoat

VCT Floor Stripping and Refinishing

  1. We apply a stripping solution and then scrape and clean the edges.
  2. Next, we run a stripping machine.
  3. We use a vacuum to suck up the liquified floor finish and strip solution.
  4. The Tomcat Magnum machine then scrubs and rinses the floor.
  5. We apply the finish. We typically apply 3-4 coats at a time to ensure even drying and a clean look. We’ll come back within the week to do another 3-4 coats.

Simix Ceramic Floor Coating

Clean and Shine at The Same Time

Although the upfront cost of ceramic coating is a bit higher, the long-term costs are much lower with better results. Why? Because you will never strip or burnish your floors again.  Simix High Shine Ceramic Floor Coating is a permanent coating that will never, crack, chip, yellow, or peel. Additionally, it is rated high traction and reduces potential slips. Ask us how you can clean and shine at the same time with Simix.

Retail owners put so much care into setting their stores up to look beautiful, but they often forget the floors. Ensure the space looks its best by keeping up with floor maintenance.

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