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If you manage a commercial building, the chances are your carpet has seen better days. Office building floors are high-traffic areas, so they experience quite a bit of wear and tear, like stains and discoloration. We’re here to help. Our commercial carpet cleaning services ensure the highest quality stain and dirt removal while extending the life of your carpets.

Carpet Cleaning

Cimex Safely Removes Stains from High-Traffic Areas

Using the Cimex—a no stretch rotational shampoo machine—we distribute cleaning products onto the carpet to loosen dirt and quickly remove stains. The Cimex machine uses less water and confines friction, so it doesn't stretch or damage the carpet.

After shampooing your carpet, we use a dual vacuum extractor to rinse and neutralize your carpet, leaving it at PH 7.

Customers typically do this once a year for a deep clean. They also utilize simple encapsulation a few times a year to keep their carpets looking new all year round.

Cimex the no stretch rotational shampoo machine

Simple Encapsulation A Quick Affordable Maintenance

Simple encapsulation is the best option to maintain a like-new look throughout the year. Although not as thorough as our deep clean, this one-step method removes dirt and stains. By applying the Encapuclean solution using the Cimex machine, we instantly remove dirt and stains without the need for extraction, leaving your carpet at near balanced PH.

Why our unique process is superior to conventional extraction

With conventional extraction, you inject detergent into the carpet, and then the vacuum sucks everything back out. But there’s no neutralization, so you’re stuck with a sticky residue sitting on the carpet, which makes it easy for dirt to cling to it. Lyden’s process ensures a clean carpet with no sticky residue left behind. We do this because we choose quality, not just getting it done quickly.

Our unique process is an improvement on the conventional way of cleaning carpets using extraction. Instead, we use a two-step process to remove dirt and stains while protecting your carpeting.

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